Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bare Escentuals Review ♥

So I bought the Bare Minerals/Escentuals Foundation about a month ago because I really have yet to find my HG foundation yet, my search has finally ended.

Now, I'm not a very fickle person, on the contrary, I am very picky when it comes to what I'll put on my face and the product really has to be stunning to even slightly impress me. Although I am usually 'anti-powder when it comes to face products, this foundation has just blown all comparison out of the water, it really is fantastic ♥


♥ I bought it in the colour 'medium beige' which is a perfect match for me
♥ NC30 for reference btw


♥ This was where I hit the jackpot with this foundation
♥ I had incredibly bad acne throughout my teenage years and was left with so much hyperpigmentation
♥I really find it hard to come across a foundation routine that will flawlessly cover these scars without making me look like my makeup has been welded into my skin
♥For your benefit I have included a couple of 'before and after shots'


AFTER (after about 10 hours of wear)

♥ As you can see, the coverage is flawless, I did not apply any concealer at all just this foundation doing its magic


♥ As if there weren't enough good things to say about  this foundation, the finish is unlike anything else
♥ It is remarkably dewy-looking for a powder foundation and sits perfectly on my dry skin and doesn't cling to flakiness
♥ It looks so natural, especially in daylight which is a huge plus
♥ Lasts ALL DAYYY, which is the best benefit since I apply my makeup on at 6 in the morning and need it to sstay until at least 8 at night

♥ I first moisturise my skin really well with 'Neutrogena Ultimate Moisture Cream with SPF 10' (which is amazing btw)
♥ Then I just go straight into it, bufffing the foundation in with my MAC 109 brush
♥ This final step is absolutely crucial for me, I take a large powder puff and just roll it onto my face, pressing the foundation into my skin
♥ I then proceed to apply the all the other slap onto my face :)

Other Foundations that didn't live up to the hype :(

♥ MAC 'Face and Body', nowhere near enough coverage for me and didn't even last half the day
♥ Revlon 'Colourstay', don't get me wrong, great foundation, just not AS great as I had expected it to be, it kinda sunk into my pores by the end of the day and frankly made me look quite crap
♥MAC 'Studio Sculpt', I remember the huge hype when this foundation came out and I think this was the biggest disappointment of all, sat awfully onto my skin, looks terrible, no coverage and didn't last at all, big thumbs down