Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Poor Man's Haul

Yes, before I became a complete invalid I did go shopping and although I had quite a full wallet, I was possibly the biggest cheapskate of all time...ever!

♥ So, first up, the paradise for the fashionable poor- Primark

♥ Accessories from Primark are my weakness, my mother always told me, 'spend money on dirt cheap jewellery or blow it on the expensive kind, don't waste it on middle ground.' And wise words too

♥ The first is this gorgeous bee ring, quite cheap looking but what can you expect for two quid?

♥ Another animal ring but this time a dark sultry snake, I quite like the image of this on with a sexy black dress...hmmmm

♥ Are you seeing a pattern here? But this is surely my favourite, it's a statement ring but not so obvious it becomes extravagant. Really detailed for £2 and quite pricey looking. One problem: it does seem to get caught on almost everything :S

♥ And another one gone, Wow! I really am an animal lover. Anyways, these really are gorgeous, I wore these yesterday and got SO many compliments on them, really, really cute without being childish, more sophisticated and classy.

♥ I really like these, the deep blue colours really set off my medium, olive skin, they make me look really mature and instantly makes my look 'done' :)

Miss Selfridge

♥  This was in my OOTD, a lovely dainty barely-there ring, £1.50 from Miss Selfridge's, really quite lovely, actually has put a smile on my face :)

New Look

♥ I am SOOO proud of myself, I have officially bagged myself THE bargain of the year.

♥ I have been looking for a neutral blazer for ages. The majority of blazers I find are so masculine they swamp my petite body, this one is so soft yet structured and the perfect neutral colour, not quite camel, not really beige, but it will surely suit everythign :)

♥  It's really well made with rolled-up sleeves and is nicely tailored to the FEMALE body. Jeez, some high-street shops have really taken this 'boyfriend' trend too far :(

Anyway, guess how much I paid for it?

If you're in the £40-50 region..guess again




Did you see that? £7 !!!!!

♥  Anyone who has read this quickly enough, run as fast as your feet will take you to the New Look sales, I swear, even if this was £45 I would still but it, it is so fantastically made and perfect for my taste :)

What have you recently bought?

Friday, 29 October 2010

Eyelash Extensions and Me :)

Urgh it has actually been the worst two weeks of all time, at first I had a cold which incidentally I passed onto my mum (sorry) and now I have bronchitis. Fantastic.

♥Anyway, to cheer myself up, I visited my mum and she treated me to some eyalsh extensions (yes she did pay)


♥ Very comfortable, the bed was heated to the perfect temperature, I actually had a nice little snooze
♥ It involves the therapist painstakingly applying individual strands of hair to your actual lashes
♥ No pain inflicted at all but it is quite hard trying to lay eerily still

The Result

♥ I asked for 'natural, fluttery' eyelashes and that's what I got, they are relatively thick with quite a nice curl
♥ They don't swamp my half-asian eyes (my mum is Korean) and just look very natural
♥ I do get quite a shock every time I look in the mirror, the impact is quite lovely
♥The nicest plus from this is that I don't need to worry about curling, applying several coats of mascara, separating with a lash comb, applying eyeliner etc, you can wake up in the morning with full eye-makeup done!
♥Generally I look very 'done' even though I've spent 5 minutes on my makeup and quite wide awake looking too
♥Overall, a very nice treat for a holiday or a special occasion and in my opinion it does live up to the hype, however I don't think this would be great for continnued use as I think they would probably result in destroyed natural lashes


♥ Never use oil-based makeup remover or any type of oil near your eyes as it break up the glue (I have to give up my trusty bio-oil)
♥ No water is to touch them for 24 hours after the procedure
♥ Try not to apply mascara to them as when you go to remove it, they will probably all fall out, If you insist on mascara, used a water-based one and non-waterproof as waterprrod mascaras interfere with the glue
♥ In the shower, try to make sure that the water doesn't directly hit them
♥ Generally no rubbing or harrassing of the eyes as the oil from your skin will again break up the glue and may also rip out your natural lashes too
♥ Use an eyelash comb to gently comb them into place every morning to restore the neatness

♥ This picture is after a week of them in, as you can see some have fallen out but still a good few remain

♥ If anyone is wondering, the place where I got them done is:

28 Lambs Conduit Street
London WC1N 3LE
020 7831 6855

What are your experience with eylash extensions?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Split ends- How to prevent them...

Split ends are actually my worst nightmare, I love having long healthy hair and split ends just ruin that for me :( Also since my hair is very dark (leaning towards black)  there are just so damn obvious!

How to 'cure' split ends

♥ Ladies- let me just give it to you: there is no way to get rid of split ends.
♥The best cure is to chop them all off and with a fresh start-begin to actually look after your hair
♥Also-as hard as it may seem, get a trim at first sight of a split end otherwise it will just move up your hair shaft causing more damage as it goes along eventually equalling a drastic haircut (I don't know about you but a drastic haircut for me is anything over 5 cm)

How to prevent split ends 

♥ In an ideal world, women would not straighten/curl/crimp/blowdry/dye/perm their hair but cutting back on these things would really help (I'm quite blessed in the hair department and never really need to do much using heat nor colour)
♥ Brushing your hair-when it's wet especially can seriously damage your hair. When your hair is wet it stretches to almost 25%  making it weaker and more breakable.
♥ My advice is to load up your hair with conditioner and brush an afro comb through it, it gets rid of the majority of the tangles
♥Coloured and permed hair need special attention so use products such as 'split end protection' or 'prevention' - DON'T fall for the 'repairing' or 'reconstructing' products, they only seal the hair shaft TEMPORARILY, the moment you wash your hair again, the product washes out and you're stuck with your split ends again
♥Hair ties with the metal bit can snag and pull at your hair so use the cheaper kind of hair band that can't afford the metal :)
♥ Let your hair dry naturally
♥ Treat yourself to a good hair mask twice a week :)

My recommendations

♥ Herbal Essences: 'beautiful ends' Split end protection cream
♥ L'Oreal: 'Elvive' Damage care Conditioning Spray
♥John Frieda: 'Miraculous Recovery' Strengthening Creme Masque
♥Pantene: 'Repair and Protect' Serum

What are your tips to preventing split ends?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Outfit of the day-today :)

Today was a pretty boring day,  spent it away picking up my dad from the airport, it was slam-bang in the middle of the day so I couldn't really do anything before or after :(

I really wanted to show you these gorgeous boots I recently got from Primark, they're so unique and the colour's just so me!

♥Denim Jacket-Diesel
♥Striped Breton Sweater-Primark
♥ Velvet Shorts- Chariry shop (sorry :S)
♥Tights-Tesco (cheep and cheerful)
♥Boots- Primark
♥Bag- Balenciaga
♥These boots are a gorgeous duck egg baby blue colour with a tinge of grey
♥ I just love them because they're a unique twist to the recent trend of ankle boots, all my girlfriends seem to be wearing them but they always seem to be in the tan/beige/chocolate family
♥Also really cheap for real leather!
♥ BTW- you can't get these in normal primarks, they're exclusive to Oxford St :)

♥ Ring-Miss Selfridge

Friday, 22 October 2010


Okay, so normally I'm not the type of girl who succumbs to the 'hype'. But, Urban Decay just cast a spell over me... actually, if you look at me reasoning, I have very good logic to my incessit spending...

1) I LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadows
2) I LOVE (with a passion) the 24/7 eyeliners
3) I LOVE Urban Decay Primer Potion



♥The packaging is quite sleek except for the velvet backing which always picks up dust

♥ Starts off with the subtle highlight/lid colours
♥ It then graduates to the bronzey/gold to the deep sultry colours


Virgin: This is a really creamy light malt colour, quite matte with a gorgeous creamy, smooth texture
Sin: A shimmery pinkish-champagne, not glittery at all but just gives quite a foiled look to the lid
Naked: A flat matte beige-camel colour, slighlty darker than my skin tone which is a NC30 for reference :)
Sidecar: A very shimmery plum-brown with silver glitter infused through  it, very crumbly texture though
Buck: Another skin-toned colour a few shades darker than 'Naked', kinda a light milk chocolate


Half-Baked: A very warm gold again no actual shimmer but just a gorgeous foiled sheen
Smog: Absolutely gorgeous medium brown with a gold duochrome= Love!
Darkhorse: A deep shimmery brown w/ multicoloured glitter
Toasted: OMG LOVE! I cannot begin to describe this colour, it's a gorgeous, unique blend of silver, purple, caramel, pink, WOW this colour is amazing! seriously even if you don't feel tempted, get the pallette simply for this colour, you won't regret it!
Hustle: A deep maroon-slash-purple colour with silver shimmer
Creep: A blackened grey with LOTS of silver shimmer, not quite as pigmented as the others though :(
Gunmetal: A blue-grey with a hint of bronze and lots of silver shimmer, gorgeous under the bottom lashes

Zero: This is a staple eyeliner for me and I have been using it for over 2 years. It is a very creamy true black that really does what it says, it staus put 24/7!
♥Whiskey: This is quite a warm brown, just as creamy as 'zero' and much softer for a daytime look


DEFINATELY! This is so worth the money, seriously for £27 you only buy 3 M.A.C eyeshadows for it and I honestly believe that these eyeshadows are proving stiff competition for M.A.C, just as pigmented and long-lasting

What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Palette?