Saturday, 14 May 2011

Slight Obsession...

Totally got a thing for ankle boots... can't help it
Top to Bottom:
Vintage Carvela Silver Boots
Primark Biker Boots
Carvela 'Scarp Black Patent Boots'
Standard Brown Booties (can't remember where I got these)
Victorian Style Black Grunge Boots (ebay)
Heeled Boots - Portobello
Primark Blue Boots
Random Black Boots that I DIYed with green and gold glitter

What are your obsessions?


  1. Hi new reader here i really love your ankle boots!

    i kind of recently started having an obsession for scarves i love them and my whole outfit just looks so much prettier with them on

  2. Yeah I totally have that too!

  3. I love ankle booties too! Glad I found you through cat Hag.

    Hope you'll take time to look at my blog