Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day Festive Haulin'

The second best thing about Christmas after presents are the bargains. No, I was not insane enought to hit Oxford St on Boxing Day, I was too scared of falling and being trampled, but I did go the day after hoping some sort of calm and I was actually pleasantly surprised :)

My theory with massive national sales like the Boxing Day ones are to ignore cheap shops like Primark and New Look and go for the more expensive stuff. Only because Primark is cheap anyway and even if you get some massive percentage decrease like 80% or summin, you probably with only save £8? Whereas you can actually make use of the sales and get the things you been lusting after now:

Eg. Fur coat:

I have been wanting a classy faux fur coat for absolute yonks now but I have often been sourly disappointed with poor quality and high prices. My mum has loads of real fur but firstly, I don't feel comfortable wearing cute-but-now-dead animals on my back, but also I can't really pull off the whole lavish look.

I'm also not really into the whole animal print, I kinda think it looks quite tacky and its not really 'me'.

This is the first one that I bought from ASOS and though the design looks nice, it wasnt quite casual enough for me, I wanted something that I could wear everywhere. Also the length of it cut me off right mid-thigh for some reason, making me look so incredibly short and smurfy. Needless to say it is only its way straight back to ASOS


This is exactly what I have been looking for: black, understated, warm, casual.....

As you can see better from the back, there is a large waistband that gives the coat some shape. I love this because every single other one that I have tried completely swanps my petite body and makes me look like a complete tent, not a good look.

This is actually the coat of my dreams and it surprising warm as well without being excessively bulky and best of all (without sounding like a cheapskate) it was over half price reduced from £165 to £80!


I often don't shop at Topshop because for me, it is all talk and no trousers to be honest. It charges sometimes ridiculous prices for the simplest things that just completely frustrates me, I mean who wants to pay £40 for a white cotton sleveless tee with a heart printed on it, get me tee for a pound at Primark and some transfer paper and I'll do it myself!

I love this dress, its totally my colour and has a nice twist on the plain bodycon

I'm not really a huge black clothes person but I did love this dress and I think it makes my small shape look kinda nice and adds a few curves that I didn't know existed.

All in all, a very successful haul in my opinion, I would also like to mention that my mum and I found a very nice brand in Selfridges called 'Cos' which, even without the sales has quite reasonable prices and I really loved their designs. i bought a very retro, simplistic shirt from them but my camera has just died so maybe I shall include in an OOTD but my mum got a truckload of things and I recomment you check them out!

What did you get from the Boxing Day hauls?

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