Saturday, 18 December 2010

My Perfect Imperfections...

AndreasChoice has been one of my favourite gurus of all my Youtube times so when she came up with this genius idea, I had to do it..

I think this is a great tag to do as it shows other women that the majority of the things that we hate about ourselves no one else has even considered as a flaw.

I think women can be overly critical of themselves, myself included so I thought, to teach myself a lesson, I would also display my useless insecurities on the internet for all to see...


1) Firstly, I hate my skin.
Throughout my teenage years I had pretty severe acne and since my dermatoligist put me on the pill I have only had the odd bump or two. But now my skin is left all scarred with so much hyperpigmentation. Of course my friends tell me that I have nothing to hide, but I feel that the first thing people notice about others is their skin and no matter how gorgeous and stunning your eye makeup looks, in my opinion, if you're skin isn't up to it, then it kindaa ruins the whole look.
 My skin has often brought my confidence down a lot, and it took me ages to come to terms with the fact that these scars will pretty be with me for life. So there's my excuse to slapping on my usual layers of foundation every morning :)

2) Secondly, I have the weirdest hands in the entire world.
Ahh, my first day in secondary school, the nerves were kicking in and in all honesty, I was terrified. The girl the teachers put me next to seemed nice enough, until she turned to me and said: 'OH MY GOD, YOUR FINGERS ARE JUST LIKE VOLDEMORT'S!' Naturally, having my fingers compared to 'he who must not be named' doesn't do much for my acceptance of these weirdly shaped, strangely long with barely any fingernail things people like to call hands.

3) Finally, my eyelashes
I seem to have inherited my father's large Turkish eyes, but my mother's ridiculously stubby barely-there Korean eyelashes which, quite honestly, make me look like some sort of martian. Basically mascara, other than family, friends, God and money is my one true love.

(Perfections seems a bit conceited so...) My BODY LOVES

1) I really do appreciate my hair, sometimes I am quite horrified when I see peoples' hair care routines on Youtube showing them applying countless products and then torturing their hair with insane amounts of heat. I seem to have been quite blessed when it comes to hair. There never really is any frizz and it is very,very strong (thanks mum:), I only really need a trim once a year at most. All in all, my hair has been good to me, gives me no trouble and is very manageable :)

2)I really like my smile. I always get complements on my smile and people always ask me whether I have had braces/ several teeth whitening sessions and I am proud to say that I have had neither!
Also my teeth are very very strong and I have never had a filling so hopefully these babys will last me through my OAP years (unlike all my grandparents who have those really scary fake teeth :S)
3) All in all, I really like my body shape...
Again, thanks to my fantastic mother I have inherited a very proportionate body. Also I have very generously been given a very fast metabolism ie, I can eat whatever I want and rarely have to pay the coonsequences for it :) 

I hope this post has inspired all you ladies into addressing your insecurities and learning to accept them and move on, after all, there are more important things in life

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