Friday, 29 October 2010

Eyelash Extensions and Me :)

Urgh it has actually been the worst two weeks of all time, at first I had a cold which incidentally I passed onto my mum (sorry) and now I have bronchitis. Fantastic.

♥Anyway, to cheer myself up, I visited my mum and she treated me to some eyalsh extensions (yes she did pay)


♥ Very comfortable, the bed was heated to the perfect temperature, I actually had a nice little snooze
♥ It involves the therapist painstakingly applying individual strands of hair to your actual lashes
♥ No pain inflicted at all but it is quite hard trying to lay eerily still

The Result

♥ I asked for 'natural, fluttery' eyelashes and that's what I got, they are relatively thick with quite a nice curl
♥ They don't swamp my half-asian eyes (my mum is Korean) and just look very natural
♥ I do get quite a shock every time I look in the mirror, the impact is quite lovely
♥The nicest plus from this is that I don't need to worry about curling, applying several coats of mascara, separating with a lash comb, applying eyeliner etc, you can wake up in the morning with full eye-makeup done!
♥Generally I look very 'done' even though I've spent 5 minutes on my makeup and quite wide awake looking too
♥Overall, a very nice treat for a holiday or a special occasion and in my opinion it does live up to the hype, however I don't think this would be great for continnued use as I think they would probably result in destroyed natural lashes


♥ Never use oil-based makeup remover or any type of oil near your eyes as it break up the glue (I have to give up my trusty bio-oil)
♥ No water is to touch them for 24 hours after the procedure
♥ Try not to apply mascara to them as when you go to remove it, they will probably all fall out, If you insist on mascara, used a water-based one and non-waterproof as waterprrod mascaras interfere with the glue
♥ In the shower, try to make sure that the water doesn't directly hit them
♥ Generally no rubbing or harrassing of the eyes as the oil from your skin will again break up the glue and may also rip out your natural lashes too
♥ Use an eyelash comb to gently comb them into place every morning to restore the neatness

♥ This picture is after a week of them in, as you can see some have fallen out but still a good few remain

♥ If anyone is wondering, the place where I got them done is:

28 Lambs Conduit Street
London WC1N 3LE
020 7831 6855

What are your experience with eylash extensions?

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