Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Poor Man's Haul

Yes, before I became a complete invalid I did go shopping and although I had quite a full wallet, I was possibly the biggest cheapskate of all time...ever!

♥ So, first up, the paradise for the fashionable poor- Primark

♥ Accessories from Primark are my weakness, my mother always told me, 'spend money on dirt cheap jewellery or blow it on the expensive kind, don't waste it on middle ground.' And wise words too

♥ The first is this gorgeous bee ring, quite cheap looking but what can you expect for two quid?

♥ Another animal ring but this time a dark sultry snake, I quite like the image of this on with a sexy black dress...hmmmm

♥ Are you seeing a pattern here? But this is surely my favourite, it's a statement ring but not so obvious it becomes extravagant. Really detailed for £2 and quite pricey looking. One problem: it does seem to get caught on almost everything :S

♥ And another one gone, Wow! I really am an animal lover. Anyways, these really are gorgeous, I wore these yesterday and got SO many compliments on them, really, really cute without being childish, more sophisticated and classy.

♥ I really like these, the deep blue colours really set off my medium, olive skin, they make me look really mature and instantly makes my look 'done' :)

Miss Selfridge

♥  This was in my OOTD, a lovely dainty barely-there ring, £1.50 from Miss Selfridge's, really quite lovely, actually has put a smile on my face :)

New Look

♥ I am SOOO proud of myself, I have officially bagged myself THE bargain of the year.

♥ I have been looking for a neutral blazer for ages. The majority of blazers I find are so masculine they swamp my petite body, this one is so soft yet structured and the perfect neutral colour, not quite camel, not really beige, but it will surely suit everythign :)

♥  It's really well made with rolled-up sleeves and is nicely tailored to the FEMALE body. Jeez, some high-street shops have really taken this 'boyfriend' trend too far :(

Anyway, guess how much I paid for it?

If you're in the £40-50 region..guess again




Did you see that? £7 !!!!!

♥  Anyone who has read this quickly enough, run as fast as your feet will take you to the New Look sales, I swear, even if this was £45 I would still but it, it is so fantastically made and perfect for my taste :)

What have you recently bought?

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