Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Split ends- How to prevent them...

Split ends are actually my worst nightmare, I love having long healthy hair and split ends just ruin that for me :( Also since my hair is very dark (leaning towards black)  there are just so damn obvious!

How to 'cure' split ends

♥ Ladies- let me just give it to you: there is no way to get rid of split ends.
♥The best cure is to chop them all off and with a fresh start-begin to actually look after your hair
♥Also-as hard as it may seem, get a trim at first sight of a split end otherwise it will just move up your hair shaft causing more damage as it goes along eventually equalling a drastic haircut (I don't know about you but a drastic haircut for me is anything over 5 cm)

How to prevent split ends 

♥ In an ideal world, women would not straighten/curl/crimp/blowdry/dye/perm their hair but cutting back on these things would really help (I'm quite blessed in the hair department and never really need to do much using heat nor colour)
♥ Brushing your hair-when it's wet especially can seriously damage your hair. When your hair is wet it stretches to almost 25%  making it weaker and more breakable.
♥ My advice is to load up your hair with conditioner and brush an afro comb through it, it gets rid of the majority of the tangles
♥Coloured and permed hair need special attention so use products such as 'split end protection' or 'prevention' - DON'T fall for the 'repairing' or 'reconstructing' products, they only seal the hair shaft TEMPORARILY, the moment you wash your hair again, the product washes out and you're stuck with your split ends again
♥Hair ties with the metal bit can snag and pull at your hair so use the cheaper kind of hair band that can't afford the metal :)
♥ Let your hair dry naturally
♥ Treat yourself to a good hair mask twice a week :)

My recommendations

♥ Herbal Essences: 'beautiful ends' Split end protection cream
♥ L'Oreal: 'Elvive' Damage care Conditioning Spray
♥John Frieda: 'Miraculous Recovery' Strengthening Creme Masque
♥Pantene: 'Repair and Protect' Serum

What are your tips to preventing split ends?


  1. Nice advice. I recently lost 3 inches due to split ends, a sad tale...my hair feels and looks healthier for it though

  2. I am ashamed to say that I carry my split ends around with - I straighten my hair pretty much every other day and alas my ends are ruined :( I get my hair trimmed every 6 weeks but think I'll be trying some of the products you listed as well!