Saturday, 23 October 2010

Outfit of the day-today :)

Today was a pretty boring day,  spent it away picking up my dad from the airport, it was slam-bang in the middle of the day so I couldn't really do anything before or after :(

I really wanted to show you these gorgeous boots I recently got from Primark, they're so unique and the colour's just so me!

♥Denim Jacket-Diesel
♥Striped Breton Sweater-Primark
♥ Velvet Shorts- Chariry shop (sorry :S)
♥Tights-Tesco (cheep and cheerful)
♥Boots- Primark
♥Bag- Balenciaga
♥These boots are a gorgeous duck egg baby blue colour with a tinge of grey
♥ I just love them because they're a unique twist to the recent trend of ankle boots, all my girlfriends seem to be wearing them but they always seem to be in the tan/beige/chocolate family
♥Also really cheap for real leather!
♥ BTW- you can't get these in normal primarks, they're exclusive to Oxford St :)

♥ Ring-Miss Selfridge

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